About Me

Hi, I’m Jeremy, welcome to my website. I grew up in a small town called Gainesville, Florida (home of the gators!). About JeremyGrowing up I worked in my family’s BBQ restaurant, needless to say I was surrounded by tattoos. Good ones, bad ones, big ones, small ones.  The only person in my family who had tattoos for a long time was my older brother. He would probably agree with me they weren’t the best but it was not enough to gain my interest in them.

Throughout high school and college my fascination grew but I had yet to actually get my first tattoo.  I got my ears pierced when I was a senior in high school but it would be six year before I got my first ink session. I guess I felt like my first one should have significant meaning if were to be permanently ingrained on my body.

My first year out of college I started looking at designs online for a while. I even went to a shop and got a quote! But I was really trying hard to make the design have “meaning”.  At that time I was in Tampa at a big accounting firm (which is what my degree was for) but that was short lived and I ended up moving back to my hometown to work in the family business. I got married shortly after that so there was really much time to think about my first tattoo.

Well, a few months after my wedding I unfortunately found my inspiration…my older brother died in a motorcycle accident on his way to work. 6 weeks after that my mom passed a way from a heart attack, most likely brought on by the stress of losing her first born son. After I could breathe again, I knew a tribute to them would be something I would never regret.

This is my latest tattoo, still a work in progress. After breaking the seal I now wanted to step it up a bit and found myself talking about a sleeve for almost two years. A friend started talking about traditional Japanese one day and I began exploring images all of the web. I instantly fell in love. It also just so happens there is a very talented artist who specializes in the style not too far from me. I will post more pictures as I get more sessions, probably 2-3 more.

Here is my first tattoo, the tribute to my mom and brother. I had been interested in the Polynesian styles before so I found the overall element of the turtle to represent my family. The unicorn was for my mom, who was obsessed! I’m talking about thousands of dollars invested in ornamental pieces. The 29 (coincidentally is also my dad’s birthday) was my brothers badge number who was a local firefighter.

This is my second tattoo, which is definitely not best,  but it’s my sons birthday. That’s what I get for walking into a random shop off the street! I was still excited about it though. I was excited because my wife got the same one which in my mind though would give me permission to get more. I didn’t have the itch right away after my first one to keep getting them but now 3 years later I was starting to think about it.

I started this website to generate some additional income. Before this I didn’t know anything about blogging. I took some awesome training and a few months later, I started getting real live visitors to my site!

I have also recently started another blog about shaving.