45 Unique Butterfly Tattoo Pictures

Your butterfly tattoo design can be inspired by any picture you might randomly come across. They are a very popular design element in tattoos these days. You have most likely seen one in person or know someone who has one.





Butterfly tattoos look great on many areas of the body and as full color tattoos or plain black and grey. Take a look at some of these awesome designs.

Butterfly Tattoos Meaning

When you think about the meaning of a butterfly tattoo you need to think about the life of a butterfly. They start out as an ugly caterpillar and eventually turn into a beautiful, colorful creature.

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The butterfly is all about transformation which many people use that symbolism in their tattoo designs. Maybe they had a rough or difficult past that they had to overcome, the butterfly would be a great representation of that.

The meaning could also be personal as well just like with any tattoo. My wife has a butterfly tattoo on her forearm because it was always a symbol that reminded her of her mother. Therefore, it made perfect sense to get a butterfly.

Butterfly Tattoo Placement

Butterfly tattoo designs have a unique shape that allows them to be placed in many areas. Because of the way they taper, butterfly tattoos look great on your wrist or forearm. My wife’s is pretty much the entire width of her forearm and it follows the taper of her arm perfectly.

The artist didn’t measure her arm first or anything like that, I think it is just a great spot. You will also see butterfly tattoos on the foot or ankle.

Be careful with these as foot tattoos can be painful. However, again these spots that taper make them a perfect fit for butterfly tattoos.

Butterfly Tattoos with Names and Flowers



You can also find butterfly tattoos with other items like names or flowers. They really don’t need anything else with them because of their natural beauty. However, like I mentioned earlier, many people get butterfly tattoos for personal reasons so they may want to attach an additional element to it.

There are all kinds of lettering fonts you could use for a name to go along with your design. It might look cool to have the name inside the wings so it looks like part of the design. Or you could simply wrap the butterfly with the name you want.

Another way to use the butterfly tattoo would be as part of a sleeve or half sleeve. You could fill in the space with flowers and other elements. Or maybe you could use multiple butterflies!


As you can see there are many ways to use a butterfly in your tattoo design.  When you find the right picture for your tattoo the hardest decision you will have to make is where to put it!

Do you have a butterfly tattoo? I would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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