38 Cool Chinese Character Tattoo Designs

Chinese character tattoo designs have become wildly popular in the west over the last several decades. With over 3,000 characters in the Chinese language the possibilities are pretty much endless!

Obviously, you can come up with whatever design you want but for those not wanting to spend hours trying to find the right symbols to match your meaning I found several common elements for you to see.


Just like in the traditional Japanese style, animals are a very common element. Here are four of the most common:


Chinese characters that represent different virtues are also popular tattoos:


Elements found in nature are common in Asian styles of tattoos so I thought these would be useful: chinese-character-tattoo-firechinese-character-tattoo-lightchinese-character-tattoo-moonchinese-character-tattoo-star


Here a just a couple more that didn’t fit into one of the above categories above:


7 Replies to “38 Cool Chinese Character Tattoo Designs”

  1. Juan

    Cool information. This is a must bookmark for when one of my buddies come to my house so I can reference these characters to what he actually has tatted on his body. We are always teasing him saying his tattoo says Sucker instead of Honor.

    thanks for the info.


  2. Cynthia

    This was so interesting. My grand daughter loves everything Japanese. She actually has a tattoo that is similar. I myself would not ever get a tattoo but I do like these and they are very cool. I would actually like to know more about the different tattoos shown here. Maybe you could elaborate more about the symbols and meanings of these tattoos.

  3. Olivia

    Love this!! I have been itching for new ink since I got my last one! I actually have the symbol for beauty on my back. It was my very first one. Are you an artist or just into them?


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