48 Super Sexy Back Tattoos For Women

Top, lower or middle, the back of a women has been attracting men since the beginning of time! Below I have a list of sexy back tattoos for women, but why do men find them so attractive?

When you see a women’s tattoo on her back I think it presents a sort of mystery and leaves men wanting more. The back is also a great canvas for tattoos. It is one of the largest areas of the body to have one continuous piece.

Over the years, we have seen the popularity go from your traditional tramp stamp to anything the lady wants! It seems like only a few years ago women were getting smaller dainty tattoos but now as you can see below it is not uncommon to see a full back piece on a women.

Another reason the back is a great spot for a tattoo, is that it might age better than other areas of the body. Especially the upper back, the skin in that area seems to me bore more stable and will help your tattoos look clean for years to come.

Pain is beauty

I know several people with back pieces that say it hurts a lot. So, while the back is a great canvas for a tattoo you will have to tolerate some pain in the short term.

Tattoos tend to be more painful closer to nerve endings. So, in the middle and towards the lower back the tattoo might hurt more. Just make sure you spend enough time researching your artists and your tattoo design and everything will be fine! You may even want to find a female artist as there are now thousands of talented female tattoo artists. They will be able to design specifically for you and the female body.

I don’t think there is any one style that has to be limited to just one gender. There are elements from all styles that look great on men or women.


Once you feel comfortable with the artist you have chosen, he or she will be able to help you decide how to place the elements in your design. They will have the necessary experience to let you know if they can do certain things or not while also recommending the best spots on your back for certain elements of the tattoo.

Like I mentioned in this post, you will want to think about a few things if you want your tattoo to look good 15-20 years down the road. The colors, amount of detail and position on the body can all play a role in this.

Anyway, here are those images I promised, let me know what you think!

Angel wings and wings of other varieties are popular tattoo designs for the backs of women. They range from large to small to lots of detail to simple.
angel wings back tattoo womenbutterfly wings back tattoo women

large-angel wings back tattoo womenangel wings upper back tattoo women

Some other  popular design elements are flowers and trees. I especially like the traditional Japanese design at the top.traditional japanese koi cherry blossom back tattoo womendandelion back tattoo womenflower back tattoo womenflower power back tattoo womentree back tattoo womenvine back tattoo womenWinged creatures can also be found in tattoos on many women’s backs. Birds, bats or dragons, they all look good!colorful dragon back women tattoobat upper back tattoo womenbat upper back tattoo womencolor owl back tattoo womantraditional swallow back women tattooswallow lower back tattoo womenphoenix back tattoo women Caged Flight back tattoo womendragon back tattoo womenThe classic lower back pieces!lower back butterfly tattoo womenlower back design tattoo womenlower back flower tattoo womenTrampStamp lower back tattoo womenlower back tattoo womenlower back heart tattoo womenlower back butterfly tattoo womenlower back tramp stamp tattoo womenlower back arms tattoo womenlower back tribal tattoo women

Even more sexy back tattoos for women!

upper back script tattoo womenback cat tattoo womenback colorful tattoo women

upper back tattoo shoulder womentraditional koi back tattoo womentraditional owl back tattoo womenstar back tattoo women

upper right shoulder back tattoo womenchinese back tattoo womencircle pattern back tattoo womendetailed-back-tattoo-womenexotic back tattoo womentraditional pin up back tattoo womentribal back tattoo womenupper back tattoo womenflower upper back tattoo womensword dragon back tattoo women


15 Replies to “48 Super Sexy Back Tattoos For Women”

  1. Mike

    Great site and very interesting pictures. You’re right, “why do men find them attractive” is an excellent question. I do, and I have no idea why.

  2. Audra

    Well, I’m a woman and have always thought that women with tattoos were sexy! I think there is just something about body-Art that enhances appearance (depending on where the tats are ??). One of my daughters has a few…I’m too darn chicken, but still admire them! Maybe I’ll be brave one day…??

  3. Rachel

    I love love love tattoos! I have several myself. Your site is awesome! I am going to bookmark it and send it to several of my friends. Thanks!!!

  4. Reelika

    Hey Jeremy
    I am a huge fan of tattoos, but beautiful ones! I had never really thought much about them.. and then I ended up spending time almost every day (5 months) hanging out in a a tattoo salon, which was a really amazing experience. To be around amazing artists and see how they do this work! I did get 2 myself just because I was always there. I know it sounds weird but the ones I have I love and always will. I just love the fact that you can get a permanent amazing beautiful art piece attached to your body that will represents something important in ones life.
    Great site!
    All the best,

  5. Amanda

    I love these! I personally go my back tattoo because when I looked in the mirror all I noticed was my stretch marks. Now I don’t notice them because I love looking at my tattoo 🙂 Makes me want to get another one!

  6. Wendy

    I love tattoos and went with my daughter a few times when she got new ones. But I just don’t think I have a need to have a tattoo on my body. Maybe one day. But for now, I enjoy checking out my kids tattoos. I think it is a very neat way to express who you are.

    • Jeremy Post author

      I absolutely agree Wendy! To be honest, no one needs a tattoo, they are just like you said, just another way to express yourself. Thanks for checking out the site Wendy.

  7. Dan

    Cool tattoo designs! I find back tattoos very attractive. I have never stumbled upon a site like this one, and I really like what your doing here!


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