24 Blessed Christian & Jesus Tattoo Designs


Jesus Christ Tattoo designs

jesus-christ-head-tattooOne of the first tattoos my younger brother got was a Jesus Christ portrait tattoo on his arm. Since then I seem to notice religious tattoos everywhere. Why is that?

Tattoos are the ultimate expression and for those who are religious it shows off their faith to the rest of the world. Some Christians think that tattoos are forbidden because of a line from the bible: Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD. (Leviticus 19:28)

But you wouldn’t know that with the abundance and popularity of the Christian related tattoos!

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Jesus Portrait Tattoos

jesus-christ-chest-tattoo One of the most common portrayals is a portrait

. Like I mentioned above my brother has this on his arm with a cross as well. I have seen full body portraits as well as just head shots.

Cross Tattoos

cross-crucifix-tattoo cross-wrist-tattooAnother simpler, style of expressing this religion is a cross. They can be very simple to as intricate as you like.

Jesus Name Tattoos

jesus-name-tattoo3 jesus-name-tattoo1 jesus-name-tattoo2Finally, another common way of expressing ones faith is by getting Jesus’s name in some kind of script as a tattoo.

More Christian Tattoo Pictures

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4 Replies to “24 Blessed Christian & Jesus Tattoo Designs”

  1. Anthony

    Hi, thank you for your sharing!
    Although I’m not religious, I have to admit that the black cross tattoos look very cool! But, I’m quite sure that one of my religious friends will not be very happy about the tattoos. Because he is very conservative and he will think this offense his religion. But for me, I’m fine with the Jesus Christ tattoos.

    • Jeremy Post author

      Yes Anthony, I can see how some of these might offend someone who is conservative but they are also really popular with Christians as well.

  2. James Kelly

    An interesting article. I have never been one that was interested in having tattoos on my body but I can see that there is great interest with the younger generation, particularly women these days. If I was a devotee I probably would draw the line against having a tattoo design with religious significance as there is a lot of religious intolerance these days and the wearer might be inviting unwanted attention.


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