25 Unique Skull Tattoo Designs

Skull tattoo designs have been popular for many years. They started back in the day when Sailor Jerry was making tattoos popular with the many sailor’s he tattooed.

In today’s tattoo world skull tattoos, can be many different styles ranging from traditional to realistic and everything in between.

Check out some of these pictures below of some of the best skull tattoo designs I have found.

Skull Tattoos for Females



Don’t think you have to be a man to show off an awesome skull tattoo design.  Skulls can look just as great if not better on a female than a man.

You might see a popular theme of skulls with roses on women. They are mostly red roses but can be other colors as well. They also look great just as black and grey designs as well.

I think women have more options as to where to put the skull designs in their tattoos. Men are usually reserved to the arms or back but women could put these on their lower back, feet or ankles, or even their chest.

Skull Tattoos for Men

While these skull tattoos look great on women you will probably find more on men. Men sometimes even have whole sleeves made up of skulls.

The tattoo artist working on my dragon sleeve has a skull on his hand that looks pretty cool. He got it from the famous Filip Leu in Amsterdam.

This was a great experience for him learning from one of the best and getting to hang out with him. This is probably why he came so highly recommended.

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The skulls in tattoos can look very real or even cartoonish if you decide to go with a new school style. Skull tattoos can be often found with some other common elements like:

  • Snakes
  • Knives
  • Flames
  • Cross bones

Skull Tattoos Meaning



Just like with any tattoo, skulls can take on many different meanings depending on the individual. Or it can have no meaning at all if the person just wanted a cool piece to add to their design.

Skull tattoos can have positive or negative meanings and are used to represent the individual wearing them. You might find that skulls are popular with bikers, especially after the popular Sons of Anarchy show came out.

Do you have a skull tattoo design? I would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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